Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
1 Water Supply (13th Finance) Providing feder lines for Preme improvement in distribution Pipeline in Various places in Narasapur Municipality 31/12/2016 Narasapur
2 CC Road (Non-Plan Grant) Providing CC Road from Ayyappa Swamy temple to Bipass Road in 5th Ward 30/11/2016 Narasapur
3 CC Drain (SFC Grant) Constrcution CC Box Drain from Ayyappa Swamy temple to Bipass Road in 5th Ward 30/08/2016 Narasapur
4 Water Supply Replacement of existing damaged 350mm dia RCC pipeline to 350mm dia HDPE Pipleline from park road ELSR to Jyothi Hostal in 11th Ward. 30/12/2016 Narasapur
5 Pushkaram Works Replacement of Filtter Bends, Clean Water Pumpsets in head Water works. 30/05/2015 Narasapur
6 Pushkaram Works (Electrical) Providing Center Lighting and Imax Lighting at Various Places in Narasapur Municipality 05/05/2015 Narasapur
7 Pushkaram Works (Electrical) Providing Side Lighting , Under Ground 3.5 Core Cable and poles from Palacole Road to Municipal Limits along the Godavari Bund. 01/05/2015 Narasapur
8 CC Drain Construction CC Drain from Mogalthur Road to Sikile School Road Roypeta area in 19th Ward. 30/04/2015 Narasapur
9 Pushkaram Works Providing Footpath and hand railing at Necklace Road 30/06/2015 Narasapur
10 BT Road Providing B.T Road from Valandhar Revu to Parakala Sheshavatharam Canal Via YN College, Panja Center and Mission high School Road. 30/06/2015 Narasapur
11 BT Roads Providing B.T Roads from Palacole R & B Road to Municipal Limits Along the Godavari Bund 30/06/2015 Narasapur
12 Pushkaram Works Construction of footpath and Hand Railing along the Godavari Bund 30/06/2015 Narasapur
13 Water Supply Supply,Delivering,Laying,Jointing and tenting of proposed 500mm,350mm,250mm dia DN DI K9 Clear Water Pumpins main to various places of ELSR'S. 30/06/2015 Narasapur
14 Pushkaram Works Providing Welcome Arch at Valandhara Revu for Piligrims. 04/04/2015 Narasapur